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Brute forcing login & admin pages are one of the common forms of web attacks that your site is likely to face. Hiding your wp-login & wp-admin URLs is a great way to secure your site.

Hide WordPress

Hide the fact that your website runs on WordPress from any person or bot that try to identify the CMS. You can change permalinks, file names, directories, subdirectories, content folders, admin and login URLs, etc.


Every website suffers from brute force attacks. We help you to take preventive measures: limit login attempts, restrict access to the authentication URLs, use reCaptcha or human recognition, whitelist specific IP addresses, reject IP addresses after some failed attempts, etc.

SQL injection protection

SQL Injection is the most basic and widely used technique to manipulate the WordPress database. Just one vulnerability in a form element can open database up to hackers. We will take measures against those types of attacks. Also, we will scan your site for XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities and tell you how to fix security gaps detected.

Security check

Monitor your WordPress website for security issues. We will show you a report and tell you the status of your website. Also, we will advise you how to fix this issues. Tests include checking for updates, plugins, themes and different files and functions which are known to hold security holes.

Activity Log

Monitor everything that is done on your site. You will know what's happening on your site anytime and anywhere. We will monitor comments, files, editor, installer, media, menus, posts, settings, users , widgets, etc.

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Compatible With Other Plugins​

Hide My WP Ghost was tested with over 1000 other themes and plugins. It works with the most of the popular Cache Plugins, Security Plugins, CDN Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

WordPress Multisite

Hide My WP Ghost works with WP Multisite on sub-directories and sub-domains.

30 Days Money Back​

Every new Hide My WP Ghost subscription is 100% risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with this plugin, you will receive a full refund within 30 days. Read our Refund Policy

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