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Secure WP-Admin & WP-Login Page

To gain access to your website a hacker needs to find your login page and wp-admin page. Hiding your wp-login & wp-admin URLs is a great way to secure your site from both: targeted hackers and automated brute force attacks. It's better to use a secure login/admin URL that is obscured.

Hide WordPress Vulnerable Paths

Don't let hackers know that you are using WordPress. With Hide My WP Ghost, you can hide the fact that you are using WordPress. Changing your login page URL is a simple but effective security technique that can help to keep hackers out.

Security Check

Be Proactive! Identify your potential WordPress security Breaches.
Monitor your WordPress website for security issues. We will show you a report and tell you the status of your website. Also, we will advise you how to fix this issues. Tests include checking for updates, plugins, themes and different files and functions which are known to hold security holes.

Protect against
Brute Force Attacks

A successful Brute Force Attack can give hackers access to your website admin area. Even the unsuccessful ones can slow down your website or completely crash your server. Hide my WordPress Ghost Plugin help you to protect your WordPress website or lock out bad guys.

Protect against
SQL Injection

SQL Injection is the most basic and widely used technique to manipulate the WordPress database. Just one vulnerability in a form element can open database up to hackers. We will take measures against those types of attacks. Also, we will scan your site for XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities and tell you how to fix security gaps detected.

Login Attempts

Login attempts are unlimited by default. With 'Hide my WP Ghost' you can limit the number of times a user can attempt to the login page to your WordPress site. Also, you can temporarily block those IP addresses.

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How Hide My WP Ghost Can Help You

1. Hide WordPress wp-admin URL, wp-login URL,  admin-ajax URL.

2. Hide WordPress Common files: wp-config.phpreadme.htmllicense.txt, etc.

3. Custom common paths: wp-adminwp-loginwp-includeswp-contentplugins & themesuploadsauthorscommentcategory tags.

4. Custom WP API Rest path, Lost Password URL, Register URL, LogoutURL, Activation URL, Ajax URL.

5. Custom plugins names, themes names & theme style name.

Protect your WordPress website by hiding the fact that you are using WordPress for your website.


How Hide My WP Ghost Can Help You

1. Hide the fact that you are using WordPress CMS.

2. Limit Login Attempts.

3. Restrict access to the authentication URLs.
(deny the IP address after a few fail attempts.)

4. Use reCaptcha or human recognition.

5. Whitelist IP addresses.

How Hide My WP Ghost Can Help You

1. Detects security breaches.

2. Takes preventive measures against attacks.

3. Identifies security or access issues on your website before they become a problem.

4. Teaches you how to fix security issues in case of manual action is needed.

How Hide My WP Ghost Can Help You

1. Monitors, tracks and logs events on your website.

2. Knows what the other users are doing on your website and when.

3. You can set to receive emails with alerts for one or more actions.

4. Filters events and usernames.

5. Saves time with alerts and opportunities.


How Hide My WP Ghost Can Help You

1. Hide WordPress for Logged Users
2. Hide Versions and WordPress Tags
3. Hide RSD (Really Simple Discovery) header
4. Hide WordPress HTML Comments
5. Hide Emojicons
6. Disable XML-RPC access
7. Disable Embed Scripts
8. Disable WLW Manifest scripts
9. Disable DB Debug in Frontend

Awesome Integration

  • Support for Subdomain and Subdirectory WordPress Multisite​
  • Support Apache Server (Add extra security into .htaccessScripting (XSS))
  • Support for Nginx server
  • Support for IIS server
  • Support for LiteSpeed server
  • Support for Bitnami servers
  • Support for WpEngine servers
  • Support for InMotionHosting servers
  • Works with WpRocket Plugin

Hide Your WordPress Website From Hackers