WP-Chatbot plugin by MobileMonkey

Chatbots have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. Today’s chatbots are smarter, more responsive, and more useful – and we’re likely to see even more of them in the coming years.

A chatbot (or bot) is a piece of automated software that engages in a conversation with people.

Chatbots are programmed to understand basic questions, provide answers, and execute various tasks.

MobileMonkey helps you create Facebook Messenger chatbots easily for marketing, sales, and support. It’s the world’s most advanced Facebook Messenger Marketing platform in the world.

Some of the most important features that MobileMonkey has:

  • allows you to create as many bots as you want from scratch or using templates
  • allows you to send a message to all of your Messenger contacts or just a segmented group of contacts
  • allow you to set up a sequence of messages (drip campaigns)  delivered at specified intervals to keep the audience engaged
  • you can create a dialogue or a Q&A session

The bot replies to emojis, responds with emojis, simulates typing, and can personalize according to the user’s name and information.

Here are some Plugin’s Demos:

WP-Chatbot plugin by Mobile Monkey is the fastest growing chatbot tool on the market today. It looks pretty cool and I am going to be using it.

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