sucuri security plugin

Sucuri Security Plugin


Sucuri Security is a security plugin for WordPress. This plugin is from the popular website security and auditing company Sucuri.

This plugin offers various security features like security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and website firewall. It incorporates various blacklist engines including Google Safe Browsing, Sucuri Labs, Norton, McAfee Site Advisor and more to check your site. If there is anything wrong, it will notify you via email.

4.5/5 stars
  • Name: Sucuri Security
  • Security: High
  • Average Speed: 0.03s
  • User Experience: 6/10
  • Customer Support: Excellent Support
  • Price: $299.99/year


It protects your website from DDoS attack, brute-force attacks, and other scanner attacks. It also keeps a log of all activities and keeps these records safe in the Sucuri Cloud.  So, if an attacker manages to bypass the security controls, your security logs will be safe within Sucuri’s security operations center.


DDoS attack

DoS / DDoS attacks have increased in popularity. They are easy to employ and highly effective in causing your website long downtimes and bandwidth bills. The goal is to disrupt your business by taking your website offline. The Sucuri Firewall includes DDoS protection.

Known attacks: HTTP Flood Attacks, DNS Amplification Attacks, SSDP Attacks


Brute Force – Protection and Prevention

Regardless of platforms, attackers are looking to hack your website by any means. One very popular technique employs a concept known as Brute Force attacks. This is an antiquated, yet highly effective technique. Basically, it tries every possible mix of username and password against your login panel to guess the right combination, in turn gaining access to your website.

Known attacks: Throttling of Access Attempts to Entry Points, Brute Force Attacks Against WordPress


Attacks and Hacks

The biggest contributing factor to website hacks today comes from insecure coding. With enough time and new techniques, attackers find ways to exploit weaknesses in codes. The Website Firewall helps stop these vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Known attacks:  SQL Injection Attacks, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Stop Hackers Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities.


If you are willing to pay, you can go for the Sucuri premium service. There is a well-known web application security company with a team of experts. So, you can get better service and advice.

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John Darrel

I am a WordPress Developer and I love creating plugins and themes for WordPress. It is a great CMS for any kind of business but we need to keep it a safe place.

I have over 15 years of experience in building plugins and themes for WordPress and other platforms.

Contact me if you have plugins that you want me to check before you insert them into your website. I will be happy to check them for security and speed.

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi John,
    Have you compared and tested against iThemes? (My favorite)
    I did use Securi way back – but found it to give me paranoia and on my toes (scared). While iThemes PRO Security gave me peace and time to work 🙂
    It would be cool to see you compare those two

    Happy New Year


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